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Current Projects


CRWRF partnered with World Renew in support Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program in Linguere, Senegal. The program assisted 77 orphans and vulnerable children, who have lost either one or both of their parents to AIDS or lost their mothers during childbirth. The households that are caring for these orphans have been struggling to provide for the children, and the caregivers are in desperate need of help. A few children have died in the past year from malnutrition and lack of medicine.

During the last year, CRWRF supported vulnerable households by providing them with nutritious food and support for the costs of medical care, school fees for 7 children, and counseling for caregivers plus milk supplies for newborn babies. CRWRF supported the program with $20,000 and World Renew contributed $7,181.


The local implementing partner, Services Luthériens pour le Développement au Sénégal (SLDS), has found that malnutrition leading to reduced ARV efficacy has been the main cause of death among people living with HIV/AIDS, including...

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Zisize - Home Based Care

What is being done?

The Zisize Care Centre is operated by the diaconal commission of the Uniting Reformed Church in KwaZulu Natal. Their Home Based Care Project helps to alleviate the suffering of AIDS patients and their families. There are two committees of dedicated community volunteers each having close to 20 volunteers The Mkhiweni committee operates in a remote, dry rural area not well served by any health clinics.  The Ithembalethu project is in a more densely populated rural area.  In both, the volunteers visit the homes of AIDS patients, orphans, and other affected by the epidemic by offering basic help by bringing parcels of food, basic education, medication, and the hope of the Gospel. In a year they make over 5,000 visits and distribute over 3,000 food parcels. 

Once a year both committees provide a community wide AIDS education/awareness campaign. AIDS continues to be a subject that is not talked about much, in spite of the public service announcements on the radio, television and bill boards. The rates of HIV transmission in this Zulu area continue to...

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